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Trisports Under New Management

A little while ago, Trisports announce to it’s staff, sponsored athletes, and then the public that it would be forced to close it’s doors at any time. Since then they have been liquidating their stock and putting up amazing deals on in-stock items.

A Change of Fortune

Just Thursday afternoon, however, a few of us noticed that they had changed their contact information on their facebook page including a new address in Portland, Oregon. I asked on a private team page about the update and at about the same time received an email that was sent to all the people on Trisports email list announcing that the company had been purchased by a company out in Oregon and the current owners were working with the new owners on a smooth transition.

I am so thrilled to hear that Trisports will live on, even if my friends Seton and Debbie will not be at the helm. The email I received made sure to note that the new owners would be working to continue support of the services, products, athletes and teams that Trisports is currently known for. I am excited at that as well!

The Plot Thickens

Later in the day, the founder of Trisports, Seton Claggett, replied to me and confirmed that Velotech, the parent company for multiple smaller bike shops, had bought Trisports. Then, overnight, I received an email from Slowtwitch founder Dan Empfield that he and a partner had bought Trisports to help usher it into new management. From the sound of the email he was just a temporary owner until the Velotech deal was struck.

There are other tid-bits of info floating around the interwebs such as the merger between Western Bike Works (a Portland bike shop) and Athlete’s Lounge (a Portland Tri shop) to help both shops survive and focus on an online retail platform (assuming with the expertise of Trisports) all under the umbrella of Velotech.

Where does that leave us?

I’m going to be honest, this all is very complicated and confusing. Parent companies and sister companies and mergers with middle men. I bet someone could make a movie out of it all. Regardless, I am hopeful. Trisports has been a cornerstone of the triathlon community for many years and I was sad to see it go. Something in me knew it wouldn’t be for long. Looks like it has new life before it ever fully went away. For that, I am thankful.

The one question is: will it still be the same company we have grown to know an love? With Seton helping with the transition I am hopeful it will be. And it that is the case, they still have my support!

What do you think of all this? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter!

Trisports University Post: NiteRider Review

I like to let me readers know when something I’ve written is published other places. So here you go!

Over at Trisports University I just got a review posted of the NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost and Sentinel 150 lights. I don’t want to simply paste what I wrote there, but think of this as more of a cliff notes version of the full review.

First of all, let’s explain what these are. The Lumina 950 is NiteRider’s newest bike light for road bikes. It replaces the 800 model. The 950 and the 800 actually stand for the brightness of the light at it’s highest capacity, so obviously the biggest improvement in the 950 is an extra 150 lumens of brightness.

The Sentinel 150 is a tail light with daylight visibility flash for extra daytime visibility. The biggest standout factor of this unit is the laser lanes it can project on either side of your bike. This gives you a virtual lane you can ride in as if there were an actual bike lane on the road.

My conclusion at the end of the review is all great! These lights are bright and durable. You really can’t ask for more than that. Head over to the review at Trisports University to get all the details and my thoughts on the various features in the units. Then buy yourself a set! They are on sale right now, and if you want a 20% off code, just let me know in the comments, on twitter, or using the contact form!

Trisports University: Beginners Guide to Bike Tubes

Triathletes like to analyze their gear to no end. One thing that sometimes gets left by the wayside is the humble bike tube. 

If you need the lowdown on bike tubes, hop on over to Trisports University and check out the Beginners Guide I wrote for them.

If you realize you need some tubes, Trisports has you covered there too. Hit me up in the comments or on twitter and I’ll give you a 20% off code to use!

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