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Skip the Run this Off Season… Focus on the swim!

Everywhere you look, leaves are changing, pumpkins are out, and it’s getting colder, and everyone is gearing up for a Turkey Trot!

That’s right, it’s off season. Most Triathlete’s change gears, take some time off, and focus on bringing their run form around with an off-season 5k, half or full marathon. Don’t believe me? Take a gander at Triathlete’s or TrainingPeak’s website and see how many different articles you can find on the off-season run?

May I suggest a different course of action?

Focus on the swim!

Yes, it’s the shortest of the 3 disciplines. Yes, most triathletes suffer through their swim sessions because they have to. But, here are 4 good reasons to focus on the swim in the off-season. Continue reading

A Single Sport Focus

The sport of triathlon is really made up on three different sports: swimming, cycling, and running. I know… shocker! When it comes to race day, being a single sport athlete won’t cut it. i remind myself that every race as I’m a behind the fast swimmers out of the water, or when the runners are pulling away from me on the first leg of a Duathlon. We’re triathletes, so we balance all three sports in training like we do on race day. But, there is something to be said for a single sport focus. Whether this be for a specific block of training or working on a weakness, it may be time to hone in on one sport for some time. Continue reading

Free 6 Week Triathlon Training Plan

Earlier this week I wrote about 3 ways to jumpstart your fitness for the new triathlon season. Well, here’s a 4th.

Today I’m releasing a FREE 6 Week training plan to get you ready for your first (or next) triathlon. The plan is primarily focused on those training for a Sprint Triathlon, but it will work just as well for the 6 weeks leading up to your next sprint before diving into some intermediate or long course racing.

In this plan I use all the same philosophies I use in my coaching and especially the 3 main workouts for time crunched triathletes. This is a great resource for you as you dive back into training or if you are just getting started. I hope you find this plan useful and that it helps you learn from my mistakes!


So get your FREE 6 Week Triathlon Training Plan!

My First Triathlon Story

As I’ve been updating my blog, and specifically the About Me page, I realized I’ve not yet told you all my story from the first triathlon I ever did.

I didn’t get into the sport until I was out of college and actually living in Germany. I was a kids camp director and my work had a certain ebb and flow around the camping season. I was downright board a points in between camps and I had a lot of freedom to work on special projects like redesigning the website etc.

One of the things I discovered to fill my time was jumping back into riding bikes. I had ridden a lot in college (as a touring rider… not a racer) and I rediscovered my love for the bike. My natural inner competitor took over and I wanted to race. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do a cycling race due to the steep learning curve, so I got with a coworker and we signed up for a triathlon together.

On this journey to my first race, I learned a few things about the sport. Continue reading

Just One More Week (The Art of the Taper)

I’m going to be honest… I had some other posts planned for today… but I’m not quite ready with them. And… another thing is on my mind.

Hyco Lake Sunrise

Nothing like watching a sunrise to get you going… or a toddler hungry for breakfast 🙂

Continue reading

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