It’s time to get strong this pre-season. That’s right. It’s no longer the off season… it’s pre-season! You may not be diving head first into your season training yet, but there are some things you should be doing now to be getting ready for the season. One of those is strength training!

A few words before we get into they why’s and how’s of strength training. First, I’m not talking about weight lifting. While strength training may utilize weights, it’s a totally different animal. Weight lifting is about seeing how much weight you can lift. Strength training is about getting stronger for sport specific movements. A soccer player doesn’t need to bench press his body weight plus. Neither does a triathlete for that matter. Second, yes, you may gain weight. That’s ok. It’s functional weight. That’s a good thing.

With that, let’s answer those why’s and how’s I spoke of earlier!

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