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HotShot Review

Every once in a while, someone in story looks at an age old problem and comes up with an brilliantly unique solution. Example, increased aerodynamics through ditching the traditional double diamond frame shape like Dimond or Ventum bikes. Obviously, only time will tell if these ideas will work out in the long run. Questions abound from the stability, stiffness, and recently even the safety of such designs. There is a reason traditional designers have stood the test of time!

But on the nutritional side of things, the age old dilemma that has plagued about every athlete at one time or another is that of cramping! The team behind HotShot is looking to be that radical solution that challenges the traditional approach to cramping.  Continue reading

Review- Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

Nutrition is a vital part of any athletic experience. Go to any high school sports practice and see how many athletes will dare chug a soda in front of their coach before practice. I remember my coach telling me to lay off the soft drinks for the entirety of baseball season. Whether we listened or not, that is another story.

But the foundation of all of this is that what you put in your body affects how you perform. do you want to get the best results you possibly can? Then you need to make sure you are fueling your body with the highest quality fuel! And if you want to get your body going before that big race or workout, you may want to try priming the pump. That is where Hammer Nutrition’s Fully Charged Pre-Igniter comes into the picture.  Continue reading

Review- Balega socks

Socks… not something many triathletes spend time thinking about unless it’s under the topic of transition time. Usually the thought is either to wear socks or not to wear socks, and not usually which socks to wear. As must long distance runner know, and triathletes making the jump to long distance find out quickly, your socks matter. That thin layer of fabric separating your shoes and your feet can make or break a long run.

That is where Balega steps in. I’ve been running in these socks since Balega sent me a couple pairs to try out 2 months ago, and honestly… I haven’t even noticed them. And that’s a good thing. A good pair of socks need to disappear when you put them on. And that’s what these socks do! Continue reading

Review: Honey Stinger Waffle

Starting off the New Year we have a review for you! Today we’re taking a look at the Honey Stinger Waffle!

Waffles have been a big hit recently with a number of companies giving their own variation on this great snack. But to really understand them, you need a little history lesson.

The thin, filled cookie-like waffles have their root in the Stroopwafel of the Netherlands. They were originally a snack developed by some bakers in the town of Gouda (yes.. like the cheese) to make use of scraps they had leftover. They are made of two thin wafers with a layer of syrup between. Their popularity grew and eventually grabbed the attention of cyclists to be used as a quick snack while on the road. Today, these snack have taken off and can be found in coffee shops AND bike shops all over the world. Continue reading

Looking ahead in 2017

I just wanted to get some information out there for you guys to know what to expect here in 2017! We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline, but January is going to be a crazy month for me, so it may be a bit until things get back to normal around the blog. So here’s what to expect:

   1. Reviews- I’ve got some awesome reviews in the pipeline. You may have noticed on Twitter that I’ve been running in some wonderful new socks from Balega. I also have been testing out a set of elastic shoe laces from Riplaces. Those two reviews will be coming up soon! Also in the pipeline are the new wheelset from Profile Design, nutrition from Honey Stinger, among others 🙂

     2. More Racing- I hope to be racing a bit more this year. With a toddler and a new born, we’ll see how that works out, but I’ve got my eye on a few more races this year with less traveling, so that will be a plus!

     3. A Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Plan- I’ve been working on a new training plan that will launch soon! Make sure you are signed up for my emails (not the ones through WordPress, but the ones directly from me) so that you can have access as soon as it’s out! Use this link or the form in the sidebar to sign up or update your preferences.

     4. More Coaching Articles- This is going to become a bigger focus of mine. I’ve started with the post on pedaling drills and the technical side of riding with a power meter. But keep your eye here for some more training articles as the season progresses!

What else would you like to see from my this year? I want to write things you’re interested in! Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!

Review- The Triathlete’s Training Bible 4th Ed.

For this edition of Friday Reviews I wanted to drop a quick not on a book I just finished: The Triathlete’s Training Bible 4th Ed.

     The big selling point for this book is that it is totally revamped with the latest in sports science. Joe Friel even states in the preface that some of the things he says in this latest edition CONTRADICTS some of the information in the older editions. He talks about that in-depth in the intro and how readers of his blog would be up in arms about things he would write that contradict older info in his books.

     The basic reason for this is that as sports science gains better information and studies either prove or disprove long held training philosophies then the athletes and coaches training should reflect that to a degree. Fitness is always a moving target and the more we learn about the human body, the better we can hit that target at the right time for our “A Race.”

Continue reading

Trisports University Post: NiteRider Review

I like to let me readers know when something I’ve written is published other places. So here you go!

Over at Trisports University I just got a review posted of the NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost and Sentinel 150 lights. I don’t want to simply paste what I wrote there, but think of this as more of a cliff notes version of the full review.

First of all, let’s explain what these are. The Lumina 950 is NiteRider’s newest bike light for road bikes. It replaces the 800 model. The 950 and the 800 actually stand for the brightness of the light at it’s highest capacity, so obviously the biggest improvement in the 950 is an extra 150 lumens of brightness.

The Sentinel 150 is a tail light with daylight visibility flash for extra daytime visibility. The biggest standout factor of this unit is the laser lanes it can project on either side of your bike. This gives you a virtual lane you can ride in as if there were an actual bike lane on the road.

My conclusion at the end of the review is all great! These lights are bright and durable. You really can’t ask for more than that. Head over to the review at Trisports University to get all the details and my thoughts on the various features in the units. Then buy yourself a set! They are on sale right now, and if you want a 20% off code, just let me know in the comments, on twitter, or using the contact form!

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