You may have heard of the new initiative by USA Triathlon and Ironman to reach 100,000 new participants by 2020. This new initiative is called Time to Tri. I am excited about the possibility of growing he sport we love in this way, and I wanted to pass on to you an email of how you can get involved. If you want to check out all the resources they have you can go to and check it out. You can also point any of your non-tri friends (you do have some of those right?) to that website to help them find out all they would need to know for their first triathlon. Fear of the unknown is what holds most people back, and the more we teach them, the more they will be willing to give it a shot!

On that note, you already know another great resource for learning about triathlon…! I’m all about helping people learn from my mistakes and growing the sport from a grassroots level. I’m not in it for the glory… in fact… I don’t get anything for running this site. I just love helping people, and between my site, Time to Tri, and others, I think we have some great resources in place to help our friends take the plunge into our sport!

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