Back at the middle of last season I was given the chance to review an innovative new unit called the Revo Via from Flaér Cycles. I was skeptical at first, but was quickly won over by Flaér’s unique approach to solving the chain lubrication problem. I am excited to be working with them more in 2018 as I make a run at the Long Course Duathlon World Championships! Deterioration of cain lube and the excess friction that comes with it is a big deal for races that long, so having the Revo Via will give me an edge on the competition! You can read my full review over at Trisports lounge.

I’m excited to be a part of the Trisports Team this year! Trisports is a great website with everything Swim-Bike-Run! They’ve got everything from bikes to wetsuits and everything in between. If you are looking for anything from running shoes to cold weather clothes, check them out! We thought we almost lost them last year, but new management has stepped in and has been great to work with!


I’m spending the 2018 season in the Brooks Launch 5! I spent most of 2016 bouncing around in a few different brands shoe and never really found one that worked quite right. I even had some horrible blisters on my heel after the last race of the season! Then in stepped Brooks Running. I have been in the Launch 3 & 4  since my 2016 season ended and I am loving the newest iteration of this awesome shoe! Hop on over to Brooks and try out their shoe finder to find the shoes that work best for you!

This year I am partnering with Honey Stinger again for my nutrition in training and racing. I’ve been impressed with Honey Stinger’s products and I am looking forward to the edge they will give me in 2018. I’ve always been a proponent of simple nutrition. I like food that is simple and not overly complex. Super processed nutrition and hydration has always been hard on my stomach. Honey Stinger’s products are all honey based (obviously) making it real, simple, and easy to absorb. I’ve had the most experience with Honey Stinger gels (the classic gold with 95% honey), especially on the run course at the OBX Tri, and the waffles. Honestly, there is no better snack than a stroopwafel! I love them!

Next, we have Nuun Hydration! Nutrition was am achillies heal last year and I’m looking to change that this year. In my research for the best hydration product I came across Nuun and loved their approach to hydration with proper osmolality and separating hydration from nutrition. Their tablet form factor also helps with logistics in a long race like an Ironman or the Long Course Duathlon World Championships!

Finally, there’s Riplaces! Most triathletes know about using elastic laces for quick transitions, but what kind of laces are usually an afterthought. no more! Riplaces are the best elastic laces out there. They are totally customizable both in color and fit, and once they are set, you don’t even have to adjust them. I’ve been using Riplaces for 2 years, and you can read my full review on them and then go get you some either from Riplaces website or on Amazon.

Interested in partnering with me in 2018? I compete in various local and regional races each year and this year will be competing as a member of Team USA’s Age Group team at the Long Course Duathlon World Championships at Powerman Zofingen! I’d love to send you information. Just fill out the form below or hit me up on Twitter and we’ll get in touch!