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A Good Race Always Starts with a Good Plan- Part 2

It’s race week here at Triathlonpal HQ, so I am in full taper and race mode! I’m getting ready to race again at the Cary Du Classic which agian is the host for USAT’s Long Course Duathlon Nationals.

I’ve written before about the Art of a Taper for the week(s) leading up to your race, and I’ve even written about the advantage of detailed planning for the bike leg with Best Bike Split. But this week I’m honing in on my total race plan. Yesterday I sat down and write out every detail I could think of for the week leading up to race day, and then race day itself.


Because I’m a total “Type A” triathlete and OCD about most things.

Why should I?

The less you have to think about on race week and especially race day, the better. Also, the longer the race ad the further you travel for it, the more this gets magnified!

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Off-season: Something Different

The off season is a different animal. Some people use it as a chance to sure up their weaknesses before the next season. Some people use it as a time to focus on one sport; usually running. And others use it to totally unplug from the sport.

I like to be a little in each camp, but right now, I’m focusing in on the chance to disconnect. It has been fun watching Alex Howes of the Cannondale Cycling team document his off season out west hiking and exploring the wilderness.

For me, I’m using the extra time to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with triathlon: Hunting!

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Time to Refocus… Off Season

The 2016 season definitely ended on a better note than 2015. I love racing, so getting in a few good races to cap off the season is great. Even if they are more for the fun of it than for competition. But isn’t that why we do this anyway? Fun is what it’s all about. And like I learned playing High School baseball, winning is more fun that losing! Finishing with two podiums qualifies 🙂


A little off season R&R

But now it’s the off season. I’ve been relaxing and raiding the ice cream freezer at the office. It’s great! But the off season is more than just loosening the belt a little. It’s time to refocus. Here’s what I’m focusing on this off season. Continue reading

Olympic Women’s Triathlon Recap

The Olympics gave us another awesome race to watch and be inspired by! If you missed it, you should check out the recap of the Men’s race. The Women’s race turned out to be very similar, but with a bit more excitement for the Americans watching it.

Course Description

The women’s race was run on the same course as the men’s race. Instead of going back and explaining it in detail like I did in the Men’s post, I’ll just hit the highlights here. It was an Olympic distance race (obviously, since it’s the Olympics and all) so it was a 1500m swim, 40k bike, and 10k run. The biggest stand outs were the beach start for the swim and the steep climb on the 8 lap bike course. Continue reading

Fun in the Sun- A Triathlete’s Guide to Sun Protection

It’s summer, and that means many things. Race season is in full gear. The Tour de France is going on. Vacations with the family are either taking away from or giving towards training time depending on who you are. And more than anything, the sun is out and it’s hot, Hot, HOT!

As the days get longer and the sun’s rays get more intense, take a second to protect yourself. Here’s 5 ways to make sure you’re fully protected from the sun. Continue reading

Altitude Training (A Missions Trip Update)

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been as active on the blog or Twitter recently… but I have a good excuse… really!

What? Excuses are for the weak?

Excuses are for the weak Continue reading

Trisports University Article

I jut wanted to take a second and point my readers over to an article I wrote for on Trisports University. It’s called Sodium: What is it and why do I need it?


Just a reminder that I’ve got 20% codes for If you want one, hit me up on twitter and I’ll send you one

What is a Duathlon?

I just wanted to take a moment and answer a question that I’ve run into a lot recently. You see, most people are at least fairly familiar with triathlon. They know it’s a long event and some even know it’s three disciplines, but usually that’s where the knowledge ends.

**Person: So what do you do in a triathlon?

Me: Swim, Bike, Run

Person: In that order?

Me: Yep

Person: I’d rather swim last!

Me: Ha…

Person: Is that longer than a marathon

Me:…. um… depends

Now that’s the way most conversations about triathlon go. More or less. But then I throw in the wrench of telling them I am going to race a duathlon and that’s when things go crazy. You have to start with some point of reference, so you have to start with triathlon.

**Me: I’m racing a duathlon this weekend

Person: What’s what?

Me: Well, it’s like a triathlon, except you replace the swim with another run

Person: So you run and then what?

Me: Run, bike, then run again…

Person: Well… good luck with your biathlon

Me: Duathlon… Biathlon is skiing and shooting… that’s in the winter

All of the confusion aside, most people don’t realize the USA Triathlon is actually the governing body for many version of multisport: Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathon,and Aquabike, all in various distances. Next to triathlon, which is obviously the most common multisport event in the world, duathlon would be the second most popular format. Like I said before, duathlon takes out the swim and replaces it with a run that may or may not be an equal distance to the first run. (side note: this is also what many race organizers choose to do when the conditions make a swim start for a triathlon dangerous.)

With that behind us, I wanted to note a few things that make duathlon interesting from a racer standpoint:

  • You have to train for the total distance of running, not just a single leg. So if a race has 2 5k run legs, you have to train for a 10k
  • You have to base your pacing off of the total distance. Again, it’s not just running 2 5k’s. It’s running a 10k, but you get a break in the middle.
  • Nutrition, and especially hydration, are even more important on the bike. In a triathlon, the water keeps you cool, so when you jump on your bike, you aren’t already covered in sweat, and many times you are trying to warm up from the cool water temps. Ina  duathlon, you are already warm and sweating so it is imperative to keep hydrated, not only keeping up with the hydration on the bike leg, but replenishing from the first run.

Duathlon is a great sport to be a part of, especially if swimming is not your strong suit, or to get some early racing under your belt before temps get warm enough for open water swims. In my area the local race organizer has 3 duathlons to start off the year before transitioning to pool swim tri’s and then open water swims. If you haven’t gotten out to a duathlon, I suggest you take a look at one!

And as duathletes like to tell you: “There is du or du not… there is no tri”


**Disclaimer: If I have had this conversation with you in the past, it’s ok. I understand. But now that you’ve read this post, you get it… right? 🙂

Course Recon Ride

A change of plans this past week meant that instead of having my first race of the season at the Northeast Park Duathlon, I was off with my wife for her to watch “The Lion King” at the DPAC and I got the hang out with our little one for the evening. I wasn’t too bummed though beucase I always love a little Daddy-Daughter time, and it also meant I got to use the next day to do a bike course recon for this year’s USAT Long Course Duathlon National Championships in Cary, NC.

Felt S32

My Faithful Steed

This is clearly the “A” race on my calendar this year since 1) it’s Nats, and 2) it’s practically a hometown race. So Saturday I got to head out to the 32 mile loop that makes the long course bike leg. Last year, the LC bike leg got changed last minute due to some DOT work along the route. That means I’ve not ridden on this particular course even though I did the race last year and the short course shares about ⅓ of the same roads near the beginning and ending.

So off I went from the USA Baseball training complex in Cary (which… by the way… I would have loved to play there in High School). I waited until around 10am to get started so the temps we at least above freezing. It was quite windy though, so I don’t think it mattered that much. I really enjoyed the loop, even though I got a bit turned around at two different points. This extended my ride by about 4 miles… not that it mattered too much.

The highlight of the ride was a turn up Lystra Rd. to see a multitude of “road closed ahead” signs…

Cary Long Course Recon Ride- Road Closed

So what did I do? Kept going naturally. I found out just a few 100 ft later in when I saw a huge sinkhole across the entire road.

Cary Long Course Recon Ride- Sink Hole

I got off the bike and (after taking a few pictures) walked a nice big loop around hole in case there were the possibility of more ground collapsing.

Other than that it was quite the uneventful ride. I’m really looking forward to the race in May. I just hope the DOT gets the course cleaned up before then. Otherwise we might just be doing two laps of the short course again!



One of the exciting things about looking forward to this triathlon season is the fact that this is my first season with a sponsor! No, I am not a professional, and no, I do not have people giving thousands of dollars in free stuff, but this year, I get to be part of the Champions team!

I have been using for the last few seasons for my equiptment needs. They have really made it so that I only go to my Local Bike Shop for maintenance and labor, but all the parts I get from Trisports. I even have sent my wife there for Birthday Gifts! They are a great company to do business with, and I am excited to be a part of the Trisports team this year!

One thing I love about their website is that they have divided their products by sport, so even if you are a one sport athlete, it is easy to find items related to your one sport without having to wade through all of the triathlon specific equipment. So even if you are just a runner, cyclist, or swimmer, then you can still find what you need at Trisports.  

If you want to read more about the company you can see their about page HERE

As a member of the Trisports team, I get to hand out coupons to refer people to site. These coupons are for 20% you order! Just comment or send me a message and I’ll send you a one-time use code! Do keep in mind that these codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, on items designated as non-discountable, and do not apply to taxes or shipping. If you are getting something on sale and cannot use a discount code, please click through to the sight from this link HERE or on my sponsors page. While I DO NOT get a kick back from the items you purchase, I do earn rewards for referrals, so I would deeply appreciate your support this way!


Another partnership I have this year is with The Feed. The Feed is a company built to make it as easy as possible for athletes to get the nutrition products they use. They operate mainly on a subscription basis, so you can set it and forget it and your bars and hydration mixes will show up on your doorstep at whatever interval you choose. They also accept on-off orders so you can give them a try and test out new products as your leasure. One great thing they have is pre-built boxes so you can pick your sport or favorite team/athlete and get a box of products delivered to your door to try out!

You can check out the feed here, and for full disclosure, I get a 10% kick back through their affiliate program, so I would appreciate your support of this blog and my athletic endeavors! Also, Get $10 Worth Of Food For Free With Your First Order of $25 or More! Coupon Code: freebonuskit 

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