Triathlon training is hard. Swimming, cycling, and running are hard on their own, but coordinating workouts for all three sports can be a nightmare. Most athletes are great at one of the 3 sports that make up a triathlon, but few excel at all three. If you want to reach that next level of performance, I might suggest you hire a coach.

I mentioned hiring a coach as one of my 4 steps to take now for an awesome season, so I wanted to get into that a little more today. This is applicable to triathlon but also to running, cycling, and swimming as well.

1. Objectivity

This is the hardest thing for us as endurance athletes. We just aren’t objective when it comes to our own training. Usually an athlete will fall into one of two camps; either they are too hard on themselves and end up overtraining, or they are too easy on themselves, make excuses, and never reach their potential.

Obviously I am painting with a bread brush here, but an outside coach can look at your training, both past and present, and get a clear picture of how things have progressed. At that point they can objectively plan your training going forward and help you improve in way you have been blind to previously.

2. Accountability

Along with objectivity is accountability. Too often we think we are hitting our goals and progressing when we really are not. When you know someone will be checking in on your training monthly or weekly… or even daily… there is an added motivation to nail the workout like it was planned. There’s no slacking off with a good coach behind you!

3. Mentorship

Mentorship is one of key things to look for in a good coach. You don’t just want a training plan to follow. If you that’s all you wanted you could just buy one online or grab a free one someplace. What you want in a coach is a mentor who will teach you not just the “what” and “how,” but also the “why.” You want a person who will take the time to explain the purpose of the workouts, the adaptations you are after, and the goals you are trying to reach. This goes for training, nutrition, and recovery. It takes them all the make a good athlete.

4. Simplicity 

Who doesn’t love simplicity? One of the biggest barriers for self-coached athletes to get out the door for a workout is actually figuring out what workout to do. To really plan a season well and even just a training block takes a lot of effort. If you don’t put that effort in, then each day you are left wondering what workout to do. That’s not a good use of your mental energy and will power. Having a coach send you and email or looking at your TrainingPeaks account to read what workout is next is a whole lot more simple. When it comes to streamlining your training, a coach can help you leaps and bounds over self-coaching.

So there you have it. This is by far not an exhaustive list, but simply a starting point to help you see how a coach can take you to the next level.

Ready to take the leap? I’d love to help! Check out both my Custom Training Plans and my full on Coaching Plan and see if it is the right fit for you! You can use the contact form or Twitter to message me and get the ball rolling!