That’s right, another sponsor! Brooks running is continuing into 2018!

I wrote last year about my journey through the running shoe world until I landed at the Brooks Launch 3. Over the last season that transitioned to the Launch 4, and now to the newly released Launch 5!

Let me just tell you that Brooks is a great company to deal with! Their website is set up so well, their customer service is top notch, and finding the right shoes for you couldn’t be easier. From their simple shoe finder page to their 90 day trial period, you really have nothing to loose.

Aside from running, I’ve also changed over to using Brooks for my every day shoes. I wore their Chariot Heritage casual shoe for most of 2017. I then realized that a large majority of my “day job” is spent being active and doing sports related things, so I switched over to the Revel running shoe. It has more cushion than my Launch 5’s, but that’s perfect for a day to day shoe.

If you’ve not checked out Brooks for running shoes I highly recommend them! Go run through their shoe finder and see what they shoot out for you. I bet it’ll be a shoe that will work great for you!