Nutrition has been my Achilles heel over the last few seasons. I haven’t quiet nailed it. My implosion on the run at my first 70.3 I believe was due to improper nutrition and not to improper pacing on the bike. This year… my goal is to change that!

To meet that goal, I present to you my 2018 nutrition sponsors!

First is Honey Stinger! In used Honey Stinger to great success in 2017! I always meant to get around to the benefits of honey as a sports nutrition item, but for now lets just summarize to say: It’s awesome!

Honey Stinger has a full array of products from classic and caffeine gels to energy bars, proteins bars, and my personal favorite, the waffles! Seriously, if you haven’t tried the waffles, what ate you waiting for?

The new sponsors I’m excited to bring on board is Nuun Hydration! Nuun has always been on my radar as a company that focuses on a scientific approach to hydration. Osmosality is a huge deal, but is so often not taken into account by athletes when choosing a hydration product. Nuun is one of those companies that has nailed this concept!

They also have a range of products for those long days where you need carbs in your sports drink, purely hydration products, and even daily vitamin/hydration products. Whatever the situation, they’ve got you covered!

The final point I’m excited about is Nuun’s dedication to creating a clean product. They were one of the companies that helped found the Clean Sport Initiative, and all their products are certified clean. With all the scandals around supposedly tainted products, I’m glad to know Nuun is taking steps to ensure their products are clean!

I’m really excited for 2018! Like I said, nutrition seems to have been my “Achilles Heel” the past several seasons. This year I’ve loaded my quiver with the right tools and I’ll be working on a plan of attack to really fight for all I’m worth!