Today I’m continuing my 2018 sponsor announcements with my old friend Trisports!

If you have been following the blog you know Trisports has been a partner for the last 3 seasons. They were actually my first sponsor! Seaton and Debbie Claggett were great to work with over the last few seasons and their passion for the triathlon community was so refreshing! You will also have seen that had to close it’s doors a few months back, but that they never fully closed down operations. The Claggett’s and a few remaining staff liquidated as much inventory as they could and then, all of a sudden, the company changed hands and a new website was launched and the news was out that Trisports was under new ownership. 

I have been in contact with Gary Wallesen, the new manager over at Trisports for both their online and in store presence (in Oregon now). I have been impressed with how well he has handled everything with the transition. The new website is slick (you should check it out!) and they are slowly building up their inventory there. They’ve got some new brands (like Castelli) but are missing the wide range of things that use to have partly due to being a new business and partly due to their association with Athletes lounge who stocks other items. I’m good with that, and from what I’ve seen and heard they are working on building that back.

I am excited to be on the team again in 2018! The heart of the company is the same and they are looking to serve the triathlon community as much as they can. I am looking forward to seeing what they will be doing and the changes they will make to improve upon the foundation created.

If you need anything triathlon related, give them a look and see what they have. And if you want to know anything Triathlon related (that I haven’t already covered on of course) check out their Trisports University section with plenty of articles from yours truly!

Stay tuned for more announcements over the next week and hopefully into the new year as well!

PS: notice that the old company was and the new one is simply Trisports. It’s a small change, but necessary to note nonetheless.