Over the next few weeks I will be introducing my 2018 sponsors! I’ve got a great team partnering with me this year as I am making a run at the Long Course Duathlon World Championships, and I want you to get to know them!

First up in a new partner this year: Flaér!

I first heard of Flaér on the DCrainmaker blog covering the original prototype Revo Via unit on Kickstarter, and then again at Sea Otter 2017. I was given a unit to review for Trisports University, and while originally skeptical (like with the concept of ceramic products) I was quickly won over.

There’s really no sense in me rehashing my previous reviews in this post (You can read my Trisports review and my intro post on Flaér’s blog for those). But you can stay tuned for a series of posts on my equipment upgrades for worlds where I’ll details what I’ll be using and why. In the mean time, here’s what I love about the Flaér Revo Via:

1. Consistent lubrication on the drivetrain. No loss in efficiency over a long ride

2. Ease of use. Just turn it on and it works

3. Easy maintenance. Clean the entire drivetrain with just water.

Flaér makes a great product, and more importantly they have been a great company to work with! I’m excited to have them on board for 2018! Go check them out and give them a try. They have a full line of maintenance products to help keep your bike in tip-top shape!