A few months ago I received a package from Klean Athlete with three products to try out. I was excited to give them a try since this year seems to have been the year of nutritional gains for me. Klean Athlete sent me some things that have been right up my alley of thinking, specifically their Recovery Product.

To make this a bit easier to follow, I hit each of the three products separately after giving some general information so you can know what you are getting.

And that really is what Klean is all about. They make their name (literally) off the idea that we should know what is in the products we are ingesting, and be assured that there are no traces of banned substances. That is a huge deal since I got these in the mail literally days after two big suspension were announce in the Triathlon world stemming from tainted supplements.

The base of all these claims is that all Klean products are NSF certified. That means an independent company came in and tested the products and facilities where they are manufactured to certify that they are “safe for sport.” This is exactly what the Clean Sport Initiative is pushing for more companies to get involved with. I really should write up a whole post on the NSF certifying process, but for now I’ll just leave it with the fact that you and I can trust that when a product is NSF certified we know what’s going in our bodies.

With that, let’s get on to my thoughts on the products!

Klean Recovery
First up is Klean’s recovery product aptly named Recovery. It is simply a chocolate flavored powder that is mixed with water to drink. This is the same as what we all think of with protein powders and the like. This has the optimal 4:1 carb:protein ration was all know about (you do know that right?) that keeps our muscles happy following a hard workout. A single serving is 200 calories so it doesn’t mess up your meal planning and calorie counting for the day either.

I personally have never really been a fan of protein powders primarily because of tiger taste. I will mix them in anything else to get the boost of protein while hiding that nasty taste. This really wasn’t any different. When mixed in water it had that familiar chalky texture and the taste was watered down even after I checked to make sure I made it according to the directions. I ended up simply mixing it with milk instead of water. I know that messes up the 4:1 ration but a little protein boost never hurts. The bigger issue was that the 200 calorie drink is not looking around 400 calories depending on the type of milk you drink. Because of that I found myself not drinking it after shorter workouts where I would normally still drink my go to chocolate milk.

The big plus of this product is that it is simple and can be taken in a gym bag to the pool or when traveling and mixed with water on site for a quick boost after a workout when my normal chocolate milk would need to be in a cooler with an ice pack. If that is an issue, a recovery drink like this is the way to go!

Klean Electrolytes
The next product sent my way was Klean’s Electrolytes. Fist let me say that I’m a fan of low calorie electrolytes. I’m a big fan of products like Scratch Labs and Nuun Hydration. With that said, I’ve never tried anything like Salt tabs or the like. Klean’s take on the electrolyte replacement was new for me. They come in a large bottle much like you would buy vitamin C or other supplements at the grocery store. They really are just little capsules like many other pills you would buy off the shelf. They contain a small variety of electrolytes with sodium as a major contributor, but magnesium and potassium in there as well. That was a big plus for me since many salt caps are just sodium and not the other electrolytes we lose in sweat.

Trying them out I took one or two before a workout and then simply drank water throughout. I never used them on anything longer where I would need to take more during the workout. They worked good for me and I’m sure would have been fine to keep in my bento box and take on a long bike ride to keep replacing those electrolytes as I went. If you are looking for something like this to replace electrolytes without all the calories of a sports drink, these are a great option for you!

Klean BCAA+ Peak ATP
The last thing I tried out was Klean’s BCAA+ Peak ATP. I was hesitant to write about this but I’ll at least give you my thoughts. Honestly I did not give this as thorough a run down as the other two products. That was simply because of the taste… It was, to put it kindly, not the best. In reality… my toddler would watch me drink this in the morning and ask if it was medicine and why it tasted so “icky.” I didn’t even tell her… she just saw the look on my face. It is suppose to taste like orange, but that’s not anywhere close. It’s hard to describe, but I could only stomach it once a day for a week or so before I gave up on it.

The product itself I assume works good like the other Klean Products, but the taste to benefit ratio was just too low for me to keep using it. It contains two main ingredients: Branch-chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and a special form of adenosine-5’-triphosphate (ATP) called Peak. The BCAA’s are to help your muscles repair themselves and provide the building blocks for new muscle tissue. Peak ATP allows muscles to resist fatigue and produce higher power output (used mostly by strength trainers). I don’t think I gave it enough time to either confirm or deny the claims, but I

Wrap up
I hope I gave you some good information so you can decide if these products are right for you. In each case I think there are a number of athletes who could benefit from the products I tried here, but at the same time, I think there are other options out there as well. The big seller here is the NSF certification the makes the products really desirable to anyone who takes training and competing clean seriously. If you have any doubts about your current products, Clean has another option that can put your mind at ease.

If you are looking try try these out, check them out on Trisports. Don’t forget to use the code TEAMSHARE15 for 15% off your order! They have the Recovery, Electrolytes, and BCAA+ Peak ATP as well as bundles for multiple products.