I feel a little silly writing a race report for this race since it’s going to take me longer to post this than it did to run the race, but I’m really excited about this race.

The Eagle 5k was a local race to support none of our local schools. It wasn’t a big deal. The timing was done on the school administrators phone (with some fancy app I’m going to have to find out more info on…). The serious competition was the school’s own cross country team. But… I set a PR!

I’ve known for a while that I’m capable of breaking the 20 minute mark in the 5k, I just have never been able to do it on race day. I’ve got the legs. I’ve got the lungs. But I never had the mind to make it happen. Last weekend I ran 5 miles at 7:26 pace before knocking out the rest of the long course duathlon. So a stand alone 5k should be no problem.

The course was 2 laps through a neighborhood by the school and back through the schools parking lot. It was almost pancake flat with only a little rise up into the parking lot from the main road. I knew another kid was going to be shooting for a sub 20min race so I lined up near him. As the gun went off, 5 of us shot clear of the group and down the road. The other 3 guys fell off pretty quick and I got right up on this other guys shoulder. I looked at my watch and saw we had faded a bit after the opening sprint and were off pace. I relayed that info and we picked up a pace a bit. I had made the pass at that point but he wouldn’t let me stay there. I was more than content to let him take the lead and we ran right that for the rest of the course.

I got to see the whole course and made a plan for the final sprint to the finish as I saw him fading a bit around mile 2 to 2.5. Going into the finish we had to cross the main road and up a short rise to the finish line in the parking lot. As we got to the middle of the road I let out a sprint for a little more than the last 1/10th of a mile. I definitely caught the boy off guard and he wasn’t able to catch me.

I got across the line and the school administrator let me know I finished in 19:25! A PR for me and first place overall!

I love races like these because I got to spend the rest of the time cheering for kids I know from the school as they crossed the finish line. I work with a few of these kids at my church and getting to cheer them across the line was almost as fun as racing… almost 🙂

They also had a big group of younger elementary kids running the full 5k as part of the schools kid’s running club. It was neat seeing them all cross the line with their “buddies.” I heard their teacher telling them before the race to not let their buddy give up! Anything that gets kids into the sport… I’m a fan of!

What are your favorite local races? Do they have any involvement from the younger section of the population? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments section or hit me up on twitter!