Now you know you need to keep a training log, and you have your training log in hand (or on the computer). Now what do you put in that log?

Well I’m glad you asked! Really there is no wrong answer. Something to keep in mind though is that it is far better to put too much information in there than it is to put too little. You would rather be sifting through excess info to find what you need than to be wishing you had written something down. In general, I like to log these three types of info:

1. Workout info

This is the no brainer! Log your workout info. Log what you planned to do (usually ahead of time, cause planning is one of the reasons to have a log in the first place) and then what you actually did. It’s ok if they are different. Plans change!

This is where a database type log is great because this stuff is automatic. If you are using paper, look at what you did and record all the important stuff: time, distance, pace, power, cadence, TSS (if possible) etc. Make sure you get it all down there!

2. Morning info

Morning info is all that stuff about yourself that can help you see if you are feeling up to training that day. Things like how well you slept, resting heart rate, soreness, etc. you can also add other goals like weight to this as well. Keeping this all in your log can help you see trends with warning signs as well as your increase in fitness or recovery over time.

3. Race info

Race info is a big thing to keep track of. Write your race plan out in your journal, and then review it in the week leading up to your race. After your race, put your data in like a workout and any notes on how well (or poorly) you did. I write race reports on the blog for this, but I try to add some of that info in the blog as well.

Some things to make sure you add here are your nutrition and race day equipment. When things go wrong on race day, a lot of times this is where the issues will be. Plan your nutrition and equipment choices and then log how well your plan worked out for you.

So there you have it! You now know why, where, and what to log about your training. Now it’s just up to you go out there and follow through! Let me know what you think! I’d love to chat in the comments or on twitter!

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