Smile… Seriously… Just take a second and smile 🙂

I was planning to post a review this morning, but a thought hit me on the trainer doing some 5 minute superathreshold intervals. I was reminded of something I heard in an interview with CEO Seton Claggett. He was asked what advice he would give new athletes. He passed along a perfect quote that was given to him as a young athlete.

“If you can’t smile while you’re doing it, then why are are doing it?”

If you can’t smile at any point in your race… what are you racing? Same goes for a workout. I was suffering, but the text in my TrainerRoad workout started talking about the mental side of training. Coach Chad even puts in his text from time to time that you need to remember to smile. Your perspective changes everything.

Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but embrace that. It is what makes you stronger. In a race, it’s going too be uncomfortable. If you give in, it only helps your competition.

So smile. The pain is temporary, but it is making you stronger. Smile. You’re out there racing and propelling yourself faster and further than most humans will ever go in one stretch without the use of a motor of some type. Have fun. Smile. It will change everything!

What is it that makes you smile in a race or workout? Let me now in the comments or on Twitter!