Nutrition is a vital part of any athletic experience. Go to any high school sports practice and see how many athletes will dare chug a soda in front of their coach before practice. I remember my coach telling me to lay off the soft drinks for the entirety of baseball season. Whether we listened or not, that is another story.

But the foundation of all of this is that what you put in your body affects how you perform. do you want to get the best results you possibly can? Then you need to make sure you are fueling your body with the highest quality fuel! And if you want to get your body going before that big race or workout, you may want to try priming the pump. That is where Hammer Nutrition’s Fully Charged Pre-Igniter comes into the picture. 

The Claims

The claims put forward by Hammer about their product are pretty straight forward. It will help increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue, increase alertness, and reduce muscle soreness. When you look at the ingredients, not many of them will stick out to you as something you would consume everyday. In fact, I had to go look up some of them to see what they are and what they do. Here are the basic ones:

Taurine: This is an amino-acid that works with your neurological system. It is suppose to help with muscle contractions and and the regulation of the whole neurological system. Most non-athletes would know of taurine because it is suppose to increase alertness which is why it is found in most energy drinks like Monster.

Beta-Alanine: another amino acid that increases carnosine which helps buffer against acidity in the muscles. This would help flush the lactic acid from the muscles when working at high intensity.

Various anti-oxidants: stuff like green tea, beet juice, tart cherry juice, and some other proprietary things that have various effects but can be lumped together in the “anti-oxidant” category. They all work to reduce muscle fatigue and help you feel fresh for the activity ahead.

My Take

I have been taking Fully Charged for a little over 2 months now as I have been building up to my big A race. This has been a particularly hard training block and I have really seen some great gains even with the big transitions that came over the new year.

As far as my experience with this supplement goes, I can’t say that I saw any huge effects that I can nail down as coming from taking Fully Charged. I do know that I have felt great over the last few weeks after taking it for a while, and that is even with some pretty hard training. I never noticed a big difference in my level of fatigue in the morning before or after taking the supplement either. But on that note, I have also read that for many of these ingredients, it takes a period of a few weeks to get the buildup in your muscles to really see affects.

As far as taste goes, I’m not a big cherry fan, so that was a tough one to swallow (pun intended). But that is totally a personal thing. The one and only side affect I experience was and bit of gas on the first 3 or 4 rides after taking this. That was not fun… but I won’t go any further into details.


At the end of the day, I can’t say 100% that this products has made me faster or stronger, but I do know that it didn’t hurt anything. I also know that I have made some pretty big gains in FTP the last few months and I have felt great in all my training and racing. Other reviews I have ready like from one of my teammates at Trisports noted they felt they slept better when taking this supplement, which I can’t validate having a newborn and all… but that is another positive mentioned with a few of these ingredients.

So would I recommend this? I would say it is a good place to start if you have trouble recovering from one workout to the next. Make sure you are fueling well, and try Fully Charged to see if it helps you feel fresher before you get back out there and hit another day of training.

(Disclaimer: I received one container of Fully Charged from to try and and review here. That in no way changed my thoughts on the product as I hope you can tell in the review. Since it is stocked by Trisports you can use my referral link to check it out and use the code TEAMSHARE15 for 15% off your order!)