Socks… not something many triathletes spend time thinking about unless it’s under the topic of transition time. Usually the thought is either to wear socks or not to wear socks, and not usually which socks to wear. As must long distance runner know, and triathletes making the jump to long distance find out quickly, your socks matter. That thin layer of fabric separating your shoes and your feet can make or break a long run.

That is where Balega steps in. I’ve been running in these socks since Balega sent me a couple pairs to try out 2 months ago, and honestly… I haven’t even noticed them. And that’s a good thing. A good pair of socks need to disappear when you put them on. And that’s what these socks do!

About Balega

If you check our Balega’s Website, you will see that they are proud of where they come from. That means America and South Africa. The number one thing that stood out to me about Balega is that they choose their material sources and manufacturing location based on two things: quality, and community impact. They don’t just make socks, they build communities. They are proud of the fact that their 285 help impact over 1500 family members. The majority of those are in South Africa, but they also recently opened a plant in Hickory, NC. Being a North Carolina guy… I’m a fan of that!

It is refreshing to see a company really care about it’s people. When I find a company like that, I go out of my way to support them. That is… if they have a good product… and Balega does!

My Thoughts

Balega sent me over a pair of their Ultralight No Shows in neon green and Ultralight Quarter Socks in Gray. I wanted to try both height of socks to get a feel for how my shoes may interact with the no-shows. I had issues before with low cut socks giving my shoes an opportunity to rub.

My first impressions was slight blindness from the brightness of the neon green. after a few minutes it grew on my and I started to really like it. I’m not a real flashy person, but sock color is “a thing” now and I’ve started to embrace it.

My second thought was how small these looked. The size said it was for men’s 9.5-11.5, but they looked the same size as my wife’s socks. However, when I put them on I realized they have quite the stretch. That gives them a nice close to the skin fit. Balega refers to this as “second skin.” It kept the socks in place and really helped them disappear. And on top of it all, I don’t feel restricted like some socks with a lot of stretch.

Like I said before, these socks just disappear on the run. I really don’t think about it one I get them on. They are soft. They don’t shift or bunch up. They don’t have any seams. They are just perfect!

Wrap up
Like I said, most triathlete’s don’t think about socks too much. They might see some cycling socks to go with their training kit, and just grab whatever running socks, but as soon as you get into some long distance running, you’ll want good socks. They will really make or break your run as much as your shoe will.

I loves these socks and I don’t run in any other socks now that I have them. I’m going to have to get some more now that the weather is breaking for spring and training is in full swing! At $13 a pairthese socks are not cheep, but they are worth every penny! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worn a more comfortable pair of socks other than perhaps a pair of thick wool hiking socks I wear of winter hiking. But those are really in a different category.

If you need some socks, check out Balega and feel good that you will have some good socks and be supporting a great community of individuals!

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