Starting off the New Year we have a review for you! Today we’re taking a look at the Honey Stinger Waffle!

Waffles have been a big hit recently with a number of companies giving their own variation on this great snack. But to really understand them, you need a little history lesson.

The thin, filled cookie-like waffles have their root in the Stroopwafel of the Netherlands. They were originally a snack developed by some bakers in the town of Gouda (yes.. like the cheese) to make use of scraps they had leftover. They are made of two thin wafers with a layer of syrup between. Their popularity grew and eventually grabbed the attention of cyclists to be used as a quick snack while on the road. Today, these snack have taken off and can be found in coffee shops AND bike shops all over the world.

If you haven’t noticed, I really like these things. I have tried multiple brands and each one has their own characteristics. The Rip van Waffle seems to be extra chewy. The Untapped Maple Waffle is more crumbly with the distinctly maple taste. But we are here to talk about the Honey Stinger Waffle, and it seems to be a nice medium with texture, and has multiple flavors to match all pallets.

I have tried the traditional and the Chocolate waffle and the chocolate is by far my favorite. The Honey was good, but I’m a sucker for chocolate. Other flavors include Gingersnap, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Caramel. There is also a kids version which is about half the size and perfect for the little ones. My toddler loves them! We just call them cookies and she is none the wiser.

I know I’ve been overly positive up to this point, for good reason, but my one gripe is that these make horrible “on the bike” foods in my opinion. I see some pro’s on social media talking up their waffle breaks, but honestly… I don’t ride long enough to take a waffle break, so my on the bike (or run) food needs to be easily consumed on the move. These don’t fit the bill. And that’s not a ding on Honey Stinger either. I find that with all waffles. They are just not designed for that. So I keep a stash in my office for an afternoon snack!

So that is my take on the Honey Stinger Waffle. They are an awesome snack and hit all the right notes finding that perfect balance between crumbly and chewy and with all the flavors, there’s bound to be one you like… I’ll just stick to my chocolate!