This Monday features another one of my sponsors for the 2017 season! This year I am partnering with Honey Stinger for my nutrition in training and racing. I’ve been impressed with Honey Stinger’s products and I am looking forward to the edge they will give me in 2017.

About Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger began very simply back in 1954 when beekeepers Ralph and Luella Gamber created an alternative to the candy bars of the day called the EN-R-G Bar. Alongside those early candy bars they also sold small, 2oz packets of honey labeled “Quick Energy.”

While those packets were a few years ahead of their time, they were on the right track. Today, Honey Stinger is still focusing on the same mission: “provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients.” They have also been sponsoring athletes from the Pro ranks down to the grassroots level since 2005.

“We’re thrilled to see the number of athletes and sport disciplines grow each year, as that speaks to the success of our program and our products,” said Jordan Edwards, Honey Stinger Sponsorship and Media Specialist. “Year after year, we look forward to working with passionate individuals who not only excel at their sport but also positively impact their communities.”

Why I like Honey Stinger

I’ve always been a proponent of simple nutrition. I like food that is simple and not overly complex. Super processed nutrition and hydration has always been hard on my stomach (I’m looking at you [popular hydration product name redacted]).

Honey Stinger’s products are all honey based (obviously). Honey is a great nutritional item for multiple reasons. It is easy to absorb, it is simple and real, and it has 2 forms of sugar (Glucose and fructose) which deliver a quick burst of energy as well as a slow burning fuel.

I’ve had the most experience with Honey Stinger gels (the classic gold with 95% honey), especially on the run course at the OBX Tri, and the waffles. Honestly, there is no better snack than a stroopwafel! I love them!

I am looking forward to refining my nutrition plan with Honey stinger products and nailing it as I step up to long course racing in 2017!