I just wanted to take a quick moment today to let you know why I’m setting up my yearly planning with Weekly TSS instead of Weekly Hours this year.

First of all, we need to understand what TSS is. It stands for Training Stress Score. It is a metric that has been trademarked by TrainingPeaks and was first developed to track the amount of stress placed on the body in a cycling workout once Power Meters gained popularity. Realizing the need for TSS in other sports for runners and triathletes, they ported the concept to make a comparable score.

When planning a season’s worth of training, especially following the periodization model, an athlete or coach would set weekly hours for athletes to train. In recent years, elite athletes have changed their focus from accumulating hours of training to focusing more on the TSS they were accumulating. This is because TSS takes into account  both duration AND intensity.

With the new features released by TrainingPeaks to allow planning by TSS, a lot more age groupers have been given the ability to plan with TSS. That’s they way I am going this season for one specific reason… Time.

I have a family (including a very rambunctious toddler) and a full time job, so I can’t squeeze in but so much training time. With ITU Long Course Du Worlds this season, I need to ramp up the training to match the distance. To fully take advantage of the time I have, I am focusing on the intensity of my training and the TSS I am accumulating.

I highly recommend checking out the new Triathlete’s Training Bible for more on this topic. The 4th edition is totally revamped and includes a big chunk of info on planning with TSS. (This book also makes a great gift for the triathlete in your life).

Another option is to check out my Coaching page. I can either write a custom plan for you, or You can jump in with full coaching through the season! I’d love to walk you through this and help you get the most out of planning and training based of TSS (or hours if you prefer).

So what do you think? Train with Hours or TSS? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on twitter!