As the 2017 season begins, It’s time to start making the announcements about certain new (and returning) sponsors! The first one, I am super excited to have come on board to support my racing this year, and that is Brooks Running!

I get to be a part of the Brooks Pro program this year, so I’ll do my running in the Wonderful Brooks shoes! I’ve been in the Launch 3 since late September and I’ve been loving it. I’m not sure whether I’ll try out some other models or not, but the bit I’ve seen of their line up, I’m sure any of them would be a great!

About Brooks Running

Brooks has a long history in the sports footwear industry (over 100 years). So much so that they’ve actually written a book on it! brooks-run-happyBack in 2001, they decided to redefine who they were as a company. They weren’t just going to be another footwear company, they were going to be a running company. They consolidated all their efforts into producing the best running shoes and apparel they could. All of this is summed up in their motto of “Run Happy.”

Why I like Brooks

My first exposure to Brooks was when my mom was training for her first (and only) marathon shortly after turning 50. She had some issues with her knee and got fitted for shoes. She landed on the Brooks Ghost (7’s i think… 9 in the current model of Ghost). She loved them and her knee issues started to fade.

I started looking last season for some new running shoes and could simply not find any the worked for me. I spend the season running in some Nike’s that were not comfortable at all, but I was too cheap to buy another pair of shoes.

I found Brook’s website and their new shoe finder that takes into account a lot of variables to find a best fit for you. Their “Run Signature” is part of that, simply finding either neutral or stability shoes and what experience you want you shoes to deliver. Need cushion? Check out the Ghost! Want shoes to energize you? The Launch is for you!

I’m sure happy my with Launch 3’s and I’ll be putting a lot of miles into them this year with Long Course Worlds in the fall!

If you check your shoes and see that you need a new pair, I’d run over to Brooks and use their shoe finder to go with it! It can even help you pick the best size for you!