If you’ve been having around the blog the last few week, you know about my 5K Beginner’s guide. The last 6 weeks I’ve been putting out my tips and tricks for 5K training and I even put out a 6 week training plan to go along with it.

Well, what would all this thank be worth if I didn’t actually do a Turkey Trot myself? That’s why I did! I ran the Goldsboro Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5K. It was a great race, mostly because I got to run it with my Dad!

    race-bibs-square      Pre Race

Going into race day, it looked like a little over 400 people were registered for the 5k, 10k, and 1 mile fun run. Pulling into the parking lot, it was clear there were not that many people there. It was sprinkling a little but as we got there, but it started to pick up the longer we were waiting. I was braced for the worst, as the pre-race meeting hit and the skies opened up.

After a short prayer, we all made our way to the starting points out on the road. The 10k was going to start at 8AM with the 5k going off 5 minutes later, and starting about 1 tenth of a mile further back (the finish line was in the parking lot).

         False Start

We got lined up and I heard a few guys asking if we were doing the 5k or 10k… they obviously didn’t see the big neon signs that said 5k. Sad day for them. The CEO of the YMCA pointed to a lady with a watch and said she would start it off. She said go, and we all started running. We got about a tenth of a mile down the road and someone stopped us. Apparently someone was suppose to be there and start the clock… so we all turned around and walked back to the start… ish.


With jokes of “wait for her to say ‘simon says’” we all waited for the start… again. This time we got going all together and it stuck. What’s funny about races like this is the number of people who get caught up in the opening sprint. Some teenage girls, and a few older men who I knew could not hold that pace, started running at the front of the race with a pace of around 6:00/mile. Around 2 thens of a mile in things started to space out and we were all getting into our stride. I settled into about a 7:00/mile pace and felt good.

It was a nice run through some local neighborhoods and very flat! The one thing I noticed is that my legs never really felt like they were burning or anything. It was my lungs and heart that were holding me back. Around the 2 mile marker I backed off to a 7:45 pace to let my heart rate drop. It was at 195 BPM! After about 30 seconds it was back into the 180’s and I picked it back up.

Coming into the final stretch, I picked the pace up even further and ended with a nice sprint finish! I set a PR with 21:56! I came in 22nd overall and 2nd in my age group. It felt great! I hung around the finish waiting for my dad and at about 45mins I went to go put a coat on, thinking I had about 5 mins until Dad got there. As I was locking the car, we walked up behind me and said “there you are!” He finished in 47 mins.turkey-trot-finish-line

          Post Race

We waited around for the awards and it took forever! I don’t know what they were waiting on, since it was about 15 minutes after the last person came in that they finally started moving the tent and getting things ready. But I did get a nice little medal and we were on our way! It was kinda funny that the 1st place overall award was a free night at a local hotel with a “Date night package”… but both male and female overall winners were teenagers (oops!)

My take away from the race is that I really need to work on my VO2 max. The fact that my legs felt great and my heart was essentially at my max heart rate tells me that i can run faster, I just need to work on my aerobic capacity. As a long course athlete I think it will not hold me back that much, but obviously a greater VO2 max will help.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a great thanksgiving with your families! I hope you also got a great Turkey Trot in! Let me know how you did in the comments or on Twitter!

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