It’s Black Friday… and by the time this gets posted (Usually my posts go up at 12:05 AM) you may have already been out shopping and back home. But maybe you are considering a little Black Friday shopping trip after the crowds clear out a little.

May I propose another option?


REI started a movement last year by choosing to close their stores for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and encouraging their customers to opt instead to be outside in nature. I honestly don’t remember what I did last year… maybe went for a run since I was at my in-laws… but I definitely did not go shopping.

To be honest, I don’t like shopping anyway so I do most of mine online. (Trisports anyone?) I have only been out on Black Friday twice in my life. Once as a teenager with my brother to get my dad his first GPS… one of those old boxy Garmin’s. We were in and out of Walmart in no time since that was not one of those big door busters. The second time was right after I got married. My wife and I hit up Walmart for all the things we didn’t get on our wedding registry. 5 Years later we are still suing a lot of the stuff we got that night!

So I suggest you do something else. Go for a run or a ride. Or maybe just walk with the family. Put up the Christmas tree (because you surely haven’t already put it up… not before Thanksgiving.. right?) Do something active!

And I promise… Cyber Monday is right around the corner… and a lot of businesses have Black Friday online deals you can spend 30 minutes taking advantage of. Or even better… Small Business Saturday! Hit up your Local Bike Shop for that! I’m sure they will appreciate it.

If you must… check out Trisports. And I’ve got a 20% coupon for anyone that wants one! Just hit me up in the comments or on Twitter.

So, what are you doing today? Shopping? Hiking? Biking? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. And then check out my Triathlete’s Gift Guide for some great gift ideas… or to share with your family to give them ideas!