That’s right, Christmas is right around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet (and that means we’re not listening to Christmas music… right?) but I wanted to get out a Triathlete’s Gift Guide for all of you early shoppers! I know there are a lot of deals already dropping on Amazon,, and other places. Probably the biggest of which is on Garmin devices! You are going to want to check those out!

In the meantime here is a handy guide to get you started shopping for the triathlete in your life! (Stay tuned for impending guides for a triathlete spouse as well as my personal triathlon wish list) This guide is divided into different groups from stocking stuffers to the big spenders… so take a look and shop to your heart’s delight.

Stocking Stuffers

Louis Garneau Smart Touch Cycling Gloves ($9.99)
Nothing warms the heart like a pair of gloves… or at least warms the fingers. These lightweight gloves are great for fall rides and still give you access to your smartphone touch screen!

Balega Unisex Enduro 2 Low Cut Socks ($11.99)

Balega Socks are awesome! No blisters, comfortable, everything you want. They have multiple styles to choose from, so you are sure to find one your triathlete will like. Best of all, they are a US company based in North Carolina!

Skratch Labs Hydration mix (Singles or bulk) ($1.99-19.99)

I’ve reviewed Skratch Labs in the past, so you know I like this stuff. The singles are a perfect stocking stuffer, and if you have a big stocking to fill, the bulk pack is also a great choice! For the winter I suggest the Hot Apples and Cinnamon flavor for those chilly rides or runs.

Body Glide ($9.99)

An important part of any triathlete’s race day (or long training day) kit is some body glide. There are a lot of different versions, so you may want to ask you triathlete which kind they use. Body glide is always a safe choice though!

Bike Tubes ($10.99)

Bike tubes are one of those things you never want to use, but always want to have around. Having a few extra is always a good idea too! And they fit in a stocking niceley!


3 Months of TrainerRoad ($36)

Now we are getting into the bigger gift area. A gift card to TrainerRoad is a great idea. 3 months will get them through most if not all of the off season. TrainerRoad gives some extra structure with their workouts and plans, and it also helps pass the time spent training indoors.

Triathlete’s Training Bible ($26.95)

Want to help your athlete step up their training to the next level? The Triathlete’s Training Bible will help with that! The newly released 4th edition is completely rewritten with the latest in sports science and training methods. I read the 3rd edition way back when I first started training, and I’m over halfway through the 4th edition so I can confirm the amount of new info is helpful even for those with the older versions.

Louis Garneau Cycling Leg Warmers 2 ($34.99)

Cold weather rides can be more bearable with some good arm and leg warmers! These by Lg will keep your athlete’s legs warm on even the coldest of rides, and might just get them off the training for a few more rides this winter!

Xlab Torpedo Kompact 100 ($49.95)

This great little front hydration carrier is an easy addition to any tri bike. It  snaps on and off easily and stays put when you need it. It holds standard water bottles and even has a built in computer mount!

Road ID Slim 2 ($24.99)

I am a big fan of Road ID. The free app gives my wife peace of mind when I’m out riding, and the Road ID wrist bracelet adds to that. These are fully customizable with emergency contact info and allergies, whatever you want to put down. I got one 2 years ago and still wear it for every ride and run I do.


Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket ($89.99)

A wind jacket is one of the most important parts of your winter bike kit. Get a good one. A little wind can ruin a nice fall ride by turning the chilly air freezing.

Park Tool Home Mechanic Starter Kit ($99.86)

Every cyclist and triathlete should have some basic bike tools. This kit has all the essentials and a bit more. It will last a long time and will hopefully save you a few trips to the bike shop for repairs you could have done yourself.

Louis Garneau Men’s Signature Optimum Cycling Bib Shorts ($69.99)

You can never have enough pairs of bibs or cycling shorts. Get good ones. You rear end will thank you.

6 Months of TrainerRoad ($72.00)

Just like the 3 months, but twice as long. Some athletes swear by indoor training, even in the summer. The plans work best over the long haul anyway.

Helmet ($69.99+)

This one is a little tricky, so I would include the recipient in this decision. Basic road helmets for training can be less than $100, but race day aero helmets can get on up from there. Whatever the case, a good helmet is a great investment and should be replaced every 3-5 years.


POC Do Blade ($160.99)

I’m a big fan of POC’s AVIP line. The AVIP helmet looks great with some of POC’s glasses. These are on sale right now at Trisports too!

Wheels ($1000+)

Another option that should be discussed with the recipient. These are not cheap either, but can save you minutes on a long course race (and that means minutes less you have to stand on the side of the road waiting for your triathlete to finish!) these new wheels from Profile design are right under $1k. Wait to see some sales and you can get them for as little as $750. Another option is Flo Wheels. You can get a full set of deep section wheels for under $1k every day

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer ($489)

A smart trainer paired with TrainerRoad or Zwift is a wonderful thing. The app can control the resistance on the trainer and make sure the workout isn’t wasted. This one from Tacx is a good middle of the road smart trainer. I defer all other thoughts on trainers over to DCRainmaker and his Trainer Recommendation post.

QR PR3 ($3,600)

Another great american brand! QR, based in Chattanooga, makes some great bikes! The PR6 super bike is a great machine, but the newly released, budget PR3 is another great option with many of the same features of its more expensive siblings.  

Garmin 735XT ($299)

If you triathlete is in the market for a new watch, Garmin’s 735xt is the top of the line. It’s in a weird place with the 920xt ageing and not receiving some of the newer updates and features, but the 735’s lower battery life. The 735 is currently the way to go for longevity sake, but the 920XT can be had for $199 right now. That’s hard to beat! (Update 2017: The 735xt has been updated by the new 935; however, the 735 is on sale this year for $299… an awesome deal!)

I hope you found something you liked in this guide, or at least got a good idea for a gift for your athlete. If you follow any of the links to Amazon it doesn’t cost you a thing I get a small percentage and that helps me to keep doing what I’m doing around here and in my racing!