The day we’ve been looking forward to has finally come! Yes, Thanksgiving day! And what does that mean? Yes, turkey… stuffing… football… but more importantly, RACE DAY! That early morning Turkey Trot is calling your name! Here’s how to make the most of the day you’ve been training for.

Race Week

Race week is all about rest and recovery. We covered some of my pointers on that last week, so check those out and follow them. Don’t try to get any extra workouts done this week to shave time off your race. It’s not going to help. Instead, just run once or twice to keep the legs loose. Do a few short intervals of speed, but other than that, it’s all about rest. Also… Stay Hydrated this week too!

The Night Before

Eat a good dinner and go to bed early the night before. (I’d suggest that for Black Friday Shopping too… but that’s another post). You are probably at family’s house so resist the urge to stay up late watching TV and talking with family. There’s plenty of time for that later (That’s actually a better option than Black Friday Shopping… but that’s another post).

Race Day

The morning of the race, get up early and eat a good breakfast, but don’t overdo it. You want to have fuel in your system, but it’s only a 5k… not a marathon. Don’t eat the house down. You’ll be doing a lot of eating the rest of the day. If you need an idea of what to eat, may I suggest some overnight oatmeal or oatmeal custard. Most of these races have an 8am race start, so get there early and warm up a while. It’s probably going to be a little chilly, so check the weather and dress appropriately.

At the start line, most races generally tell everyone to line up based on their ability. Smaller races (less than 500 or so) will let racers self designate where to stand. Larger ones tend to have specific lines for you to choose from. If you are close to the front, don’t get caught up with the opening sprint. I know I can’t run a 16min 5k, and I still struggle with this even knowing there are some college cross country runners in the group. Start off easy and slowly ramp up the pace if you feel you can.

Remember, this is just for fun after all. Go have fun and enjoy the time out on the course, and sprint to the finish. Always 🙂

After the Race

After the race, make sure you stretch and cool down. Then… get home and enjoy all that turkey and stuffing. You earned it!

Then you can get your shopping plan on 🙂 Check back on Wednesday for my Gift Guide and I’ll try to mention some deals there too… since it is going to be the start of the Christmas Season.

After you race, let me know how you did! Comment below or hit me up on twitter!