Triathlon is starting to branch out into some unique types of events, and leading the charge is the Island House Triathlon! This weekend marks the second running of this elite event that has a unique take on the sport. So what is it that makes this event so unique?

  1. Invitation only

That’s right. Unlike almost all triathlon’s these days, it is invite only. And invites are only given to the best of the best in the sport. The other unique point here is that there is no age group race. Think about it, even the Ironman World Championships has an age group presence. That’s what makes triathlon so appealing is that it is more a participation sport than a spectator sport (Just ask my wife). The Island House Tri is changing that a bit. This is a big event, but it is primarily a spectator event.

  1. Private Island

The venue is even more exotic than Kona. The Island House is a resort on a private island in the Caribbean. Last year the racing all took place on this island. This year, with an expanded field, the first two days will actually be in the Bahamas, with the final day being on the Private Island House island.

  1. Stage Racing

Yep, like a cycling stage race. I know, most triathlons are a one day event. Not this one. The Island House brings with it the stage race idea of daily winners and overall “GC” (General Classification) winners. The GC race is decided by total cumulative time over the course of three days of racing. Last year’s race was 3 similar days of racing. This year it is mixed up a bit more. The first day is made of 3 time trials, one in each sport. The second day is an enduro format race. The final day only involves the top 10 ranked male and female racers in a non-draft sprint triathlon.

On the final day, the racers will be sent off one by one in a pursuit format. That means you will clearly know who is leading and by how much on the GC. First one across the line wins the race! This should make for some exciting TV!

Racing starts tomorrow at 7am EST! Check it out! You can follow along on twitter @islandhousetri. They promised some live video there if the service cooperates. There have been issues since Hurricane Mathew. Also check out the website for the Island House Tri.

What are you most excited about for this race? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!