On Monday I posted about the 3 reasons you SHOULDN’T run with music. To be fair, I’m going to show the opposite side of the table today.

Since I am firmly on the other side of the fence on this issue, I asked my teammates at Trisports.com if they ran with music and why. Most of them are on my side of the issue, but some had crossed over. They gave some great responses, so here are the 3 top reasons you should run with music (assuming it is a safe place to do so!!)

  1. It is motivating

We are all familiar with the psychological effect music has on people. It has the ability to affect the emotions of people in a way little else can. There’s a reason sports teams like to have their own special warm up playlist or baseball players choose their walk-up song for when they step up to the plate. It’s called a “Pep Band” for a reason (Yes, I played in my High School’s Pep Band).

If you are having a little trouble getting out the door for that run, maybe try a little music… It might help!

  1. It helps pass the time

This is especially important for that long run you have on the weekends, or the terrifying runs on the treadmill (dreadmill?). The treadmill is just about the only time I listen to music working, or maybe the occasional training ride. Those tunes can help pass the time as you countdown the miles until you are back home.

If you struggle getting through those long runs or treadmill sessions staring at the wall, maybe try a little music… it might help!

  1. It helps you keep your rhythm.

Cadence is one of those points of running form that people don’t think about quite enough. Triathletes are the worst at focusing on cadence on the bike and then forgetting it on the run. When you run with music, you naturally switch over to using a cadence that matches up with the song. Spotify even has a feature in their app that uses your phone’s accelerometer to determine your cadence and picks songs that fit your pace!

If you are working on your form and picking up the pace, maybe try a little music… it might help!

So what’s your take on the issue? Music, or no music? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!

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