I’m going to be honest… I had some other posts planned for today… but I’m not quite ready with them. And… another thing is on my mind.

Hyco Lake Sunrise

Nothing like watching a sunrise to get you going… or a toddler hungry for breakfast 🙂

I spent the weekend at a nice little lake along the Virginia border with my family. It was perfect timing and very much needed time away. I also was able to get in 2 open water swims and a nice long run so that was an added training benefit to the mental recharging of a weekend away.

Lake Dock

Open water swimming is so much better than pool swimming!

I came back ready to hit my last big week of training before my 2 week taper… and then I realized that I was already 3 weeks out from race day! That’s right… this is the first week of my taper before race week.

The way I like to peak for an “A” race is that 3 weeks out I will start to taper off a little. I will cut each workout by about 15-20 minutes what I would normally do but keep my intensity at race pace. The next week will be another 15 minutes or so and then race week is a whole different animal.

The goal is to hit race week still use to the race intensity work, but rested and ready to go all out. This had really worked for me, I just thought I had one more week to train. And there’s the rub… don’t we always just want one more week to train?

How do you taper? Do you taper longer or shorter? How has that worked for you? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!