How many water bottles do you have?

That was a question posed to some Olympic cyclists a few weeks ago. Some of them said they had over 50 water bottles!! One female cyclist noted that while she had 30-40 bottles at home, she only really ever used 5 or 6 of them.WAter Bottle Collection Header

I’m in that boat. At last count I have about 11 sports bottles and 5 or 6 other bottles. (I blame my wife for those… I left her favorite one at a bus stop in Germany and she has yet to find one she likes to replace it… 2 years later.) As far as bottles I use on a consistent basis, I have 3 I really like.

What are they and why do you like them? Well I’m glad you asked! Here are my 3 favorites:

1. Trisports Bottle. This is a simple, cheap bottle from I think TriSports Water Bottleit is a Specialized brand bottle that hundreds of bike shops across the country get custom made with their logo. I love this one because it’s cheap and easy to replace so I don’t have to worry about messing it up!

2Camelbak Podium Bottle. Camelbak Podium. I really like the podium design, specifically the spout. I don’t like having to open and close the spout on traditional bottles. The podium is mostly spill proof with their “Jet Valve. There is also a second valve lock for when you really don’t want a leak… like when you put it in your swim bag.

3. Camelbak Podium Chill. Yes, I saved the best for last! Everything I loveCamelbak Podium Big Chill Bottle about the podium bottle with the added benefit of insulation! Here in North Carolina, the weather is always extreme. It’s hot in the summer (we had the longest string of 90+ degree days in over 60 years this year) and cold in the winter. I like to put ice in my bottles in the summer and the podium makes that ice last longer than it would in a regular bottle. In the winter I like to take warm drinks with me. I’ll take a bottle of Skratch Hot Apples and Cinnamon and a bottle of water. The insulation keeps the hot drink hot and it keeps the water from freezing.

How many bottles do you have? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!