I love racing. The race day experience is so exciting! I absolutely love it! And the team at Trivium Racing does an awesome job which makes it even better!

High Point Sprint Swim Start

A nice warm swim… the water was 84 degrees


After a season and a half of Duathlons, I made the switch back to Tri’s to keep things interesting. The High Point Sprint was well organized and everything was awesome. I got there way too early, even with having to do packet pickup on race day. I got a good spot in the transition area and was able to take my time setting up (read: kill time and act like I was busy “getting in the zone”).

What is cool about local races like this is the people. This race had a little over 200 racers and it was sweet talking to people from all walks of life. I spent time talking to a guy who has racing his third race in his first season of tri’s. I talked to a mom who was there with her son and his High School racing team. I also got to talk to a guy who, due to his body type, you would never think he was a triathlete (if you know what I mean). As a side note, that guy killed it in the race… He didn’t win any awards, but he finished strong and had fun doing it!

When they finally opened the water for warm up, a bunch of us started to jump right in. There was a bit of miscommunication and one of the staff told us we had to get out. Most of us ignored him, but someone finally informed him it was just announced we could warm up. I swam around and then just hung out in the water talking to a guy until the pre-race meeting started.

Swim- 12:15

After the meeting it was a quick turnaround for the men’s race to start. At this point my High Point Sprint-Swim Exitfamily had gotten there and they wished me luck before I waded out to the star area. The race had a drone flying around getting footage for the race video (check it out at the end of the post). Some racers complained about the buzzing noise, but I didn’t care.

They did a quick count down and then we were off! The swim was 500m (i think it was really around 600m) in a big rectangle. There were yellow buoys on the sides and three orange buoys across the back. I was near the front of the pack out to the first buoy. Then I started sighting to the middle buoy on the back because the fire department had their boat in the way and I couldn’t see the corner buoy. That got me off course enough to mess with my head. I finally got back on course and was middle of the pack. Coming back on the other side I swam way off course and added a good 60m to my swim.

T1- 0:32

My transition was a quick one. Actually… there’s nothing to say. I grabbed my bike and ran with it. I made a good flying mount and I was off. The volunteer at the mount/dismount line was actually  kinda impressed that I just kept going.

Bike- 34:54

The start of the bike was also uneventful. Since it was a sprint I was going all out so I could feel my heart rate going really high. I eventually got up with a guy who was about my speed. We leapfrogged a few times but he was good about keeping an even pace and not drafting. Way better than some of my other experiences this year.High Point Sprint- Bike

On the back half of the course he almost missed a turn and actually couldn’t slow down fast enough, so he had to turn around about 20 ft after and come back through. I passed him there and he never made it back up to me.

About 4 miles from the end I hit a bump and my watch hit my water bottle and the lap button was pressed. For those that don’t use a triathlon watch, that tells the watch to go to the next sport or transition. This was my first race with the Garmin 920xt, so that is something I’ll have to figure out for next race. I just rolled with it, but it happened again so I spent the last 1.5 miles in run mode.

The run into transition was downhill, so I was going pretty fast. I had to try to get my feet
out of my shoes while braking… not a good idea. I almost flipped over my handlebars at High Point Sprint- Runone point. Not good. Thankfully, I stayed upright and made it into transition safely.

T2- 0:33

Another transition and another point with nothing to say. In. Out. On my way.

Run- 26:49

The run was, in a word, painful. I was prepared for pain (it is a 5k you know) but not this kind of pain. Remember that hill coming into transition? Yeah, now I had to run up it. And my calf started to cramp. I walked a good 100ft and then jogged to loosen it up. I got about a mile in and started to feel better. I got to the turn around and got High Point Sprint- Finishside stitches. That lasted for about half a mile and I finally started to feel better. The last mile was good and I finished strong. Sadly, I had gotten off the bike in good position and first in my age group. By the end of the run I was 28th overall and 3rd in my age group with a time of 1:15:05.

Post Race

Post race was awesome. Trivium does a great job with everything they do. I downed 2 waters and 2 Pepsi’s and laid in the grass with my family. The results were up on a TV and that when I realized I was 3rd!

High Point Sprint- Podium

I want to send a big shout out to Trisports for sponsoring me. They are great to work with and keep me supplied with everything I need for training and racing from equipment to nutrition. They are the best!

Overall, the race was fun and that was my main goal. I’m a bit disappointed with my performance because I know I can do better. A 26 minute 5k is absolutely terrible for me. I also know that i psyched myself out on swim and could have done better. I had the 10th best bike split, so that’s awesome, but I know I could have pushed more. So when I look back on it, I’m happy and had fun, but I learned a lot that I can take into my next race in September.

What things have you learned from your racing recently? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!