Hello everyone!

I haven’t been as active on the blog or Twitter recently… but I have a good excuse… really!

What? Excuses are for the weak?

Excuses are for the weak

Well that’s all right. I’ll take it this time 🙂

The last week and a half I’ve been out of the country leading a group of 14 teenagers on a missions trip in Ecuador.

Let’s just call it… Altitude training!



We spent three days working in a village on the side of a volcano at a little over 9,000ft. We did things like building a cobblestone road and helping finish the house for the missionaries among other things. While DCIM100GOPROGOPR0794.I wasn’t ever able to squeeze in a triathlon workout, I did work quite a bit. I’ve been back in the states 2 days already and I still feel it.

We spend the last few days putting on youth rallies for kids in various villages throughout the region. We were even able to share the gospel in a village that has never had the Bible preached there as far as we know! One day in particular the teenagers wanted to play soccer, Ecuadorians vs. Gringos… that was quite the workout. And on that note, we actually cleaned up 5-1!


This is actually a picture from another game… with smaller kids 🙂

In all it was a great trip! It’s been hard to get back into the rhythm of life in America, but that’s to be expected. I’m excited to see how this trip affected the team members’ lives for the better and to hear stories back from the missionaries as they follow up with the work we were able to do in the short time we were there!


We played soccer just up the mountain from Rainbow Valley… so called for obvious reasons