A change of plans this past week meant that instead of having my first race of the season at the Northeast Park Duathlon, I was off with my wife for her to watch “The Lion King” at the DPAC and I got the hang out with our little one for the evening. I wasn’t too bummed though beucase I always love a little Daddy-Daughter time, and it also meant I got to use the next day to do a bike course recon for this year’s USAT Long Course Duathlon National Championships in Cary, NC.

Felt S32

My Faithful Steed

This is clearly the “A” race on my calendar this year since 1) it’s Nats, and 2) it’s practically a hometown race. So Saturday I got to head out to the 32 mile loop that makes the long course bike leg. Last year, the LC bike leg got changed last minute due to some DOT work along the route. That means I’ve not ridden on this particular course even though I did the race last year and the short course shares about ⅓ of the same roads near the beginning and ending.

So off I went from the USA Baseball training complex in Cary (which… by the way… I would have loved to play there in High School). I waited until around 10am to get started so the temps we at least above freezing. It was quite windy though, so I don’t think it mattered that much. I really enjoyed the loop, even though I got a bit turned around at two different points. This extended my ride by about 4 miles… not that it mattered too much.

The highlight of the ride was a turn up Lystra Rd. to see a multitude of “road closed ahead” signs…

Cary Long Course Recon Ride- Road Closed

So what did I do? Kept going naturally. I found out just a few 100 ft later in when I saw a huge sinkhole across the entire road.

Cary Long Course Recon Ride- Sink Hole

I got off the bike and (after taking a few pictures) walked a nice big loop around hole in case there were the possibility of more ground collapsing.

Other than that it was quite the uneventful ride. I’m really looking forward to the race in May. I just hope the DOT gets the course cleaned up before then. Otherwise we might just be doing two laps of the short course again!