It has been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened. Or really, one thing has happened and that lead to nothing happening. Let me explain…

I was on my way to what I believed was going to be my best peak before a race. I was ready to make a run at the Sprint distance Powerman, NC and grab some last minute points to bump up my ranking with USA Triathlon. My last post was how to perform an FTP test, and the results from that test showed a great bump in fitness. I was ready.

Two weeks before the race, as I was about to start my 2 week peak, I got an email from Powerman North America that the City of Goldsboro was canceling the race due to lack of interest. Powerman made it clear they were planning on still having the race, but the City made the final decision. What do you do? It’s the end of the season and the only races left are all down in the southernmost states and too far for my travel tastes.

I took a week to wait and see what happened. I had thought of doing a half marathon, but the Greensboro half was canceled for the same reason, and finding a race like that on a Saturday is tough (I’m a youth pastor and can’t race on Sunday). My next thought was for a turkey trot. It’s almost thanksgiving and that might be fun. I took another week off to let things settle down in my head and that lead me to believe the best course of action was to take a nice break and then start building back up the base fitness again.

So here we are… in the off season.

I’ve got a few goals this off season, but we’ll save that for a  later post. For now, let’s just enjoy a nice break and focus back on the joy of running and biking!

(PS: Powerman North America did a great job handling communication and they even gave a refund of the registration fees, which is not the normal practice in this sport. Kudos to them and I’ll do another one of their races if I have the oportunity!)